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Yellow & Yangtze with Circus Flohcati (Pre-order - DUE Q3 2018) US customers only!

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Grail Games is pleased to offer our upcoming release Yellow & Yangtze for a special price when you pre-order. With worldwide shipping included!

Please note that the game is not due to arrive at your door until July, 2018.

Also note the price is in Australian Dollars (AUD).

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The period of the Warring States (475-221 BCE) describes a time of endless wars between seven rival states: Qin, Chu, Qi, Yan, Han, Wei, and Zhao. These states were finally unified in 221 BCE under the Qin dynasty to lay the origin of today's China, with its two main rivers: the Yellow and the Yangtze.


Yellow & Yangtze, the sister game to the highly acclaimed board game Tigris & Euphrates, invites you to replay this eventful period and to lead your dynasty to victory.

In Yellow & Yangtze, players build civilizations through tile placement. Players are given five different leaders: Governor, Soldier, Farmer, Trader, and Artisan. The leaders are used to collect victory points in these same categories. However, your score at the end of the game is the number of points in your weakest category. Conflicts arise when civilizations connect on the board. To succeed, players' civilizations must survive these conflicts, calm peasant revolts, and grow secure enough to build prestigious pagodas.

Designed by: Reiner Knizia
Artwork: Vincent Dutrait
Players: 2-4
Ages: 14+
Length: 90mins


The game will contain:

  • 1 rules leaflet
  • 1 game board
  • 4 player screens
  • 138 cardboard hexagonal tiles
  • 1 draw-string bag for the tiles
  • 9 wooden pagodas
  • 150 wooden cubes (in five colors and 2 sizes)
  • 20 hexagonal wooden leader tokens
  • 1 wooden unification marker

Each copy of Y&Y will come in a sturdy, 2-piece box (300x300x68mm).

As a thank you for pre-ordering the game, we will cover all shipping costs (worldwide). Please note that all games are due to ship to you from either: the USA, China or the UK. This means, that unless things change politically in the meantime, games will ship to EU customers from within the EU.

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We will be updating everyone in regards to the game's production and timetable, via the Y&Y blog, here.

For more information on the game, please follow along at BGG or our website.



What is Circus Flohcati?

This is a classic, push-your-luck card game by Dr Reiner Knizia, the designer of Y&Y. We are offering it at a discounted price as a thank you to our US pre-order customers! For more info on the game, please check out our website, and BGG.

When will I receive Flohcati?

Within a month of placing your pre-order (hopefully even quicker!)

What if I live outside the US?

Please pre-order Y&Y via one of the other listings in our store. Flohcati is only available to US customers as all the copies are located there.

Where will your booth be at Gen Con?

Gen Con will not confirm booth locations for a while yet, but we will let you all know via email once we are told. Please enter a valid email at checkout!

What if I can't make Gen Con, or I forget to pick-up the game from your booth?

Then we will need to charge you for shipping to get the game to you. This will be later in August, and may cost a lot, depending on where you live.

What if I am not attending Gen Con, but a friend of mine will be there?

You can have someone else pick-up the game for you at the show, but if they don't make it, we will have to charge you for shipping if you still want the game. We will confirm with all customers in July who we should expect to see at the booth to collect your game.

Will you be selling the game at Gen Con? Why can't I just wait?

As a thank you to all pre-order customers, we are offering the game at a discount. We will have the game there, but not for as cheap as this pre-order price! (At least $10AUD more.) We also cannot promise a huge number of games will be there, as our booth is small.

What is Gen Con?

The largest tabletop convention in North America. It is held in Indianapolis in August. Hope to see you there!