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Kashgar (Pre-order - DUE Q1 2018)

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Grail Games is pleased to offer our upcoming release Kashgar: Merchants of the Silk Road for a special price when you pre-order. With worldwide shipping included!

Please note that the game is not due to arrive at your door until February, 2018.

Also note the price is in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Why order now?

  • As a thank you for getting on board early, people who order the game now will pay $0 for worldwide shipping.
  • All pre-orders will be filled before the game reaches general distribution.
  • Note also, that in order to have enough copies for retail/distribution, we may cut-off pre-orders at some point. Follow our Kashgar blog for all updates.

Please read on for more information on the game and a special offer for everyone who pre-orders...


Kashgar was originally released in Germany by Kosmos in 2013. After much anticipation, Grail Games is finally bringing the game to an English-speaking audience in 2018.

Designed by: Gerhard Hecht
Artwork: Franz Vohwinkel
Players: 2-4
Ages: 12+
Length: 45mins


In Kashgar, players trade different spices that are coming over the silk road from Asia to Europe. Each player has control over three caravans. In the beginning, each caravan consists of three cards that are spread out vertically so that the top part of each card is visible; each card stands for a caravan member with different abilities.

On his turn, a player performs only one action, choosing one of the cards on top of the three caravans and executing one action shown on that card. Then the card is put at the back of its caravan. To use the same caravan member again, a player must first use all the other cards on top of that caravan row.

The core mechanism of Kashgar could be called “open deck-building”. The game plays quickly with little downtime. Simple, yet so much fun and lots of strategies to explore.

<< Download the rulebook (not final) here! >>

And did you know you can play Kashgar in English RIGHT NOW on
Oh, and check out this Rahdo Runs-Thru video of Rahdo playing through a 2-player game...



Rahdo Runs-Thru:


"My gosh, this game is incredible ... I am totally floored ... This game is amazing."
- Richard Ham, Rahdo Runs-Thru

The Dice Tower:

"The tableau-building in this game is one of the most unique things I've seen in the last few years. This is a refreshing change to deck-building ... It's unique, it's different." - Jason Levine, The Dice Tower

If you would like to read/watch some other reviews, please visit the Kashgar page on BGG.


Each copy of Kashgar will come in a sturdy, 2-piece box (280x190x67mm).

It will contain:

  • 1 rule booklet and 1 card index booklet
  • 4 player boards
  • 165 cards (100x65mm) - including 12 expansion cards
  • 28 wooden pieces (spices and mules)


As a thank you for pre-ordering the game, we will cover all shipping costs (worldwide). EU copies are planned to ship from within the EU. North American copies are planned to ship from the US. All other countries will have their games shipped from China.


As a further way of saying "thank you," we are happy to offer all those who pre-order Kashgar, the opportunity to pre-order Reiner Knizia's new roll-and-write game Criss Cross at the same time, for a discounted price!


For more info on Criss Cross, please click here.

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If you have any questions about pre-ordering Kashgar, please email us at

We are also keeping all customers updated on our Kashgar Blog. Please follow it for all manufacturing updates, news, and more. We expect to update customers regularly there. You may also post any questions you have.