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Kashgar & Criss Cross Bundle (Pre-order - DUE Q1 2018)

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Grail Games is pleased to offer our upcoming releases KashgarCriss Cross for a special price when you pre-order them together. With worldwide shipping included!

Please note that the game is not due to arrive at your door until February, 2018.

Also note the price is in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Why order now? As a thank you for getting on board early, people who order both of these games now will pay $0 for shipping! Also, all pre-orders will be filled before the game reaches general distribution.


For more info on Kashgar, please click here.

For more info on Criss Cross, please click here.


If you have any questions about pre-ordering Kashgar Criss Cross, please email us at

We are also communicating with all customers at our Kashgar Blog until the game arrives at your door. Please follow along there!